Photo Courtesy of U.S. Marine Corp -

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps -

If you ever needed another reason to get your federal firearms license, the AA 12 is it. The AA 12 shotgun, otherwise known as the Auto Assault 12 shotgun, is a selective fire 12 gauge that’s capable of firing in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode (300 rounds per minute). It was originally designed in 1972 by a man named Maxwell Atchisson, and was originally called the Atchisson Assault Shotgun. It was intended to be used in close combat situations, and crowd control type situations.

Mr. Atchisson sold the patent and the rights to the shotgun in 1987 to a company called Military Police Systems, Inc., and they’ve been continuously refining the design ever since.

Overall length is 38 inches (966mm), and barrel length on the Model CQB is 13 inches. The weight comes in at 4.76 kg without the magazine. There are at least 3 different magazines for the AA 12 – an 8 round box, a 20 round drum, and a 32 round drum.

As a shotgun, it can fire any of the traditional shotgun cartridges including buckshot, slugs, crowd control non-lethal rubber batons, and birdshot. A company called Action Manufacturing has designed a high energy cartridge called the FRAG-12 High-Explosive Round. According to the press release issued, the FRAG-12 HE is designed to stop vehicles in urban areas before they reach a checkpoint. The intended target of these FRAG-12 HE rounds are the suicide bombers that have become so popular within the last decade.

So where can you buy an AA 12 shotgun? Unfortunately, you can’t. They’re not even in production for the military. 10 of them were made for the Marines to test in 2004, but as of yet there are no plans or contracts to supply more. Even so, the Marines have ordered more of the FRAG 12 HE rounds to continue testing and safety certification, so it’s quite possible that this weapon will be produced on a larger scale sometime in the near future. And if the military doesn’t choose to employ this weapon, don’t worry. Due to the upcoming Zombie invasion, someone is sure to place an order. Zombies don’t stand a chance against the AA 12!

Check out this envy inducing video of the AA 12 – Atchisson Assault Rifle in action.

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